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Why Choose Okudiv Security...?
We provide modern, reliable electronic alarm systems backed by highly trained security specialists
Quality & Security Policies
The General Management of the Okudiv Security believes it has the obligation to guarantee the compliance with all legal and other requirements applicable to each and every one of the security activities carried out in the company.
Who we are.
Okudiv Security Services Limited is a wholly owned indigenous security services provider set up under the Nigerian Laws to offer end to end non-core support services to companies in different sectors of the economy.
Our relationship management is hinged on understanding client's organizational goals and objectives. We cultivate true partnership: one based on trust and mutual understanding of our respective roles and responsibilities. It is a partnership involving sharing risks and rewards, where we become an integral part of your business rather than a mere service vendor.
Our Values
The Okudiv Security Team covenants to:
Execute our functions with passion and integrity.
Deliver superior quality services.
Be pro-active and responsive to customers needs.
Treat people with respect and dignity.
Recognize achievements and reward excellence.
Our Mission
To provide solution to security problems in the security industry in Nigeria and build a network of mutually beneficial relationships with our mutual clients by fostering partnerships through competitively superior services and distribution channels, all of which enhance our mutual profitability.
Our Business Ethics

We place high premium on integrity, utmost fidelity and strict confidentiality with clients in all business relationships. In all our dealings, we maintain transparency and absolute honesty even where it may count against us. We never lie or conceal unpleasant facts from our clients because we know that our clients will ultimately respect us for our straightforwardness and due diligence approach.
We will continue to ensure that good employment practices are sustained in all our workplaces with respect for employees’ human rights and welfare. We will strive for professionalism in what we do, doing our work properly and constantly looking for ways to improve our competencies in order to justify the confidence and trust placed on us by clients


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