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We place a high premium on our selection process since our major product is categorized under contracted labour. Our training School is situated at Number 58 old refinery road opposite Pend Motel Elelenwo Port Harcourt where our operatives are taken through the rudiments of paramilitary courses.  The school services the entire training needs of OKUDIV Security and also provides training for outside institutions.
       OKUDIV Training School has the capacity to train 15 candidates at any one time.
       Training of cadets outside Port Harcourt  is supervised at the Zonal level following standards
       All operatives employed by OKUDIV security are required to pass the respective courses at the school prior to commencement of employment.
Course Duration
Training has proved to have a significant impact on job performance because we do not only focus on security, but also on people development and sound leadership skills. Our Candidates are exposed to a minimum of four (2) weeks intensive basic security-training course prior to deployment. During the training, they are tested on various aspects of the course and only those whose cumulative average performance measures up to standard are signed on and deployed to beats
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We provide modern, reliable electronic alarm systems backed by highly trained security specialists
Vetting Policy & Background Check
While undergoing training, the Guarantors presented by Candidates are vetted by our investigators to ascertain their existence, suitability and capability. Should any guarantor be rejected, the trainee is kepi-in-view until he supplies a replacement else would be expelled from the Academy.
In addition, all Candidates are subjected to background checks to weed out the dubious character among them. All information supplied by them is double-checked. We have a team of experienced investigators who dig up relevant information on our employees especially by contacting their former schools, employers and neighbors. We also go the extra mile to take their fingerprints and photographs of the guarantors and our cadets in addition to other administrative details we obtain as their personal data.  We carry out periodic review on such information to update our database.
We engage only persons of competence, medical fitness and integrity as employees.
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